Monday, 24 October 2016

Referer Spam

So I noticed some interesting referral URLs in my access stats that are serving malicious redirects. It seems that legitimate sites have been found to be vulnerable to open redirects, and that some bot or other is simply visiting websites while setting the referring URL to be the vulnerable page. Then when unsuspecting webmaster clicks through to see why their page is linked to from said site, they are greeted with some delightful porn, or maybe even some tasty malware. Example URL:

http:// www dot dolcifirme dot com dot au/scripts/redir dot asp?link=http:// dkmhab dot xyz

Nice one, spammer scum, and thanks for giving me something to write about, not to mention a great example to talk about next time someone asks why open redirects are such a big deal.

I owe you one!

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